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Lots of companies offer office yoga to their employees but these are the kind of benefits you can miss out on when you’re a freelancer. At our coworking space we’re always trying to find ways to enhance the working day for our members, whether that’s creating opportunities to network and socialise or getting together to do a few sun salutations.

A great way to recharge and avoid back problems

We introduced our weekly yoga sessions here at the Space a few weeks ago, and they’re proving to be very popular. Led by Damian Mears, the sessions run for thirty minutes and are perfect for taking a break to recharge body and mind.

“Yoga at CambridgeSpace fits perfectly into my working day and is good for both body flexibility and mindfulness. Pretty sure you don’t get this at any other co-working spaces in Cambridge!” – Gerry

Damian started taking yoga classes nine years ago when he suffered a slipped disc and was facing surgery. Within three weeks he’d avoided the need for surgery and was healthy. Sitting at a laptop for twelve hours a day had put too much stress on his lower back, so  Damian developed a thirty-minute stretching routine to counter this unavoidable part of his job. He discovered that many members at CambridgeSpace suffer from similar issues and were keen to try his routine.

“It’s great to be able to take some time out from working to rest your brain and stretch your body – and all just a few steps away from your desk. It’s a great perk of working at CambridgeSpace”! – Vicky

Boost your productivity

Damian concentrates on passive stretches in the hips, hamstrings and shoulders – nothing too complex or strenuous. Taking a break from your screen to do some gentle exercise benefits your brain as well your body – yoga can lower stress, improve focus and help you to be more productive, creative and confident. And it can help with those dreaded energy slumps later in the day too.

The sessions finish with a short mindfulness exercise to refresh and reset our thoughts to the present moment, ready to return to productive and healthy working back at our desks.

“It’s always good to step away from the desk for a bit and the yoga session was a brilliant way to stretch my tight shoulders. It made me much more focused and I finished loads of work in the hour afterwards and went home early!” – John

If you’d like to give our friendly coworking space a try, you can book a trial session for free – we’d love to meet you!

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