What we learnt about Authentic Confidence

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Our May edition of Creators Club was themed on Authentic Confidence, another inspiring at CambridgeSpace! We welcomed back returning creators and welcomed new faces into our open community.

Here is a quick summary of what we created together.

We started as always with a grounding mediation to help us mindfully connect with the space and each other. Pressing the pause button and taking a few moments to breathe always enriches our busy working lives.

Following this, we led a creative exercise to help people connect with each other in a fun way, writing quick fire poems on the theme of authenticity. We swapped our poems with another pair and read each other’s work out in the most confident way we could. We realised that it’s sometimes easier to celebrate someone else’s great work than be proud of our own…

Our coaching question this month was “What obstacles are getting in your way?” In pairs, we peer-coached each other to reflect upon our situations and identify what’s holding us back. With the support of a fellow our creator community, we are so much more likely to succeed than when we navigate our journey alone.

And finally, our expert creator session this month was led by Kemi Fadero, a wellbeing coach who helps people uncover their inner blocks. As someone who spent many years with anxiety and dreading presenting, she’s learnt to navigate the emotional inner journey that can hold us back.

Kemi led three helpful exercises, interwoven with her courageous story that shed light on her professional journey. Sharing valuable lessons she’s uncovered working with entrepreneurial people and empowering female leaders, the session really helped us all to give a new focus to our personal growth.

As business owners, freelancers and creative entrepreneurs, it’s so vital that we think holistically about our growth and make time for our health and wellbeing to compliment growing our projects.

Thanks again to everyone who came along to make it such a special evening, we’ll see you there next month on June 12th for a session on Building Relationships.



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