Launch Event for Creators Club Cambridge

cambridgespace100/ March 17, 2019/ Uncategorized

After 50+ events in London, Birmingham and Bristol, we are here and launching in Cambridge. Join us every month for a unique creative business development event!

Each month we have a Development Theme for our UK Creators Club community. At the monthly events we facilitate an interactive workshop, provide a space for personal coaching and invite a guest creator to share a practical talk on the chosen topic. Whatever stage you are at, it’s a welcoming and inclusive space to support you.

As our creator community will tell you, it’s best experienced in person to fully understand how it helps people and why people come along every month. Join us all on the first Wednesday of every month, at Cambridge Space in Cambridge.

As a gift to you, our first event is FREE for everyone, £9/session after that.

Get your free launch event ticket here

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