Impact Hub Candidate Cambridge – Our journey

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Innovation is inevitable, it’s in the human psyche. It enables us to evolve ideas that significantly change the lives of those around us – and with the right environment, the right people and resources, innovative ideas can germinate and grow.

Cambridge and surrounding area is a centre for the innovation excellence encapsulating Cambridge University, renowned for its long heritage and global reputation in academic and research excellence, surrounded by the Cambridge Cluster. The Cluster comprises Europe’s largest, most successful and most eclectic global hub for scientific and technological advancement and commercialisation. Major corporations have established research and development centres in the City to tap into the innovation and talent that is found here.

Impact Hub Candidate Cambridge fits perfectly into this world of innovation offering space and support, both technical and individual, to a growing band of entrepreneurs and start-ups who are taking their ideas and forging relationships through collaboration and co-working with other similar minded groups of individuals.

By hosting of workshops, presentations, brain walks and shared expertise, the Impact Hub Candidate Cambridge offers something quite unique to the area in its more informal yet supportive role and continues to attract new members wanting to work in a different sort of environment where collaboration and sharing are easily accessible.

But this collaboration is not just centred around Cambridge, our members are in frequent contact with the other Impact Hubs and Candidate Hubs across England and Europe, sharing ideas and experiences that mutually benefit everyone involved.

Impact Hub Candidate Cambridge is on track to becoming a full member in the next few months and we shall keep you posted as to our progress.

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