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Productivity hacks: Top tips for coworkers!

admin/ July 9, 2018/ Business

Technology It’s important to remember to take breaks. Science shows breaks actually make us more productive, not less. If you’re on a Mac, Time Out–Break Reminders is an excellent app that lets you schedule “normal” five- to 10-minute breaks every hour and a seconds-long “micro” break every 15 minutes. PC and Linux users can get the same capabilities from the excellent freeware Workrave.

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10 reasons you should try co-working | part 1

Lenka Koppová/ October 4, 2017/ Business

It’s set up for work It’s more productive than home as you avoid the distractions of home life or coffee shop as you don’t have to put up with noisy children, lack of security if you need the loo or feeling you have to keep buying something Great interactions Working amongst like-minded people who also value great interactions ensures you

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Would you recommend co-working to other freelancers? We asked our members.

admin/ October 4, 2017/ Community

What made you want to try co-working and would you recommend it to others? Real-life members of CambridgeSpace speak out! “It’s so much better atmosphere than a corporate office. So much more nurturing than being ordered around. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to install more work-life separation and for freelancers who want a bit of chat and company during the

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Say ‘hi’ to Gerry, one of our Wizards

admin/ September 4, 2017/ Community

Q: Hi Gerry – what made you want to try Coworking and would you recommend it to others? A: I saw co-working as a means to add more value to what I offer and help differentiate me from competing services in Cambridge and London. Definitely recommend coworking to others – particularly CambridgeSpace, which offers something different from more run-of-the-mill alternatives.

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CambridgeSpace team visit London co-working hubs

admin/ April 27, 2017/ Impact Hub

Last week some of the CambridgeSpace wizards and founders had a day out visiting some of the London-based Impact Hubs. Impact Hub is a global organisation of co-working and community spaces with over 80 locations.  The first stop was in Impact Hub Brixton located in Brixton Pop development, an incredible urban area made almost entirely of shipping containers. Following a

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CambridgeSpace members’ lunch with a twist

admin/ April 11, 2017/ Community

CambridgeSpace provides freelancers/small businesses with an alternative to working from home or a coffee shop. But building a community, collaboration, creativity and making an impact together are very important to us too. We also know that running a business and good eating habits don’t always go hand in hand. So we started thinking creatively about how we could make our

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