Space Rescue

Our successful community of Cambridge start-ups and small business owners needs to find a new home urgently.

  • Do you have more office space than you need and would like to be joined by a thriving creative, collaborative community? Or do you know of some surplus space?
  • In response to a growing need for a space where home-based freelancers and small businesses can feel part of a professional community, for its first year Cambridge Space has used a spare floor in Hundred Houses Society’s offices in Chesterton.
  • The community now needs to find a new home to allow the housing association to expand.
  • As a community of like-minded small businesses and startups who help each other grow, Cambridge Space is the only co-working facility in the city run entirely by volunteers
  • We are looking for property of 2,500 to 4,500 square feet within Cambridge.
  • We are keen to co-create a new space with other organisations and potentially in unusual properties.
  • With over 30 members benefiting from many opportunities for collaboration and professional development, new creative, innovative and social entrepreneurs are joining every week.
  • As a co-working community Cambridge Space has a high level of social interaction and collaboration between a loose collection of independent workers. This has created a strong community-based sharing culture which is both motivational and inspirational, with ideas flowing across a lively, open working space.

If you can help rescue CambridgeSpace, please get in touch with us: