Co-working or Hot desking? What’s best?

admin/ September 28, 2017/ Community

How and where we work is changing as the business environment becomes more widely distributed (both geographically and in time), and yet ever more connected through technology. This in turn, is enabling new ways of working for budding entrepreneurs, freelancers and those requiring a greater degree of flexibility in their work. The change is less about the physical location and

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Say ‘hi’ to Jez, one of our Wizards

admin/ September 28, 2017/ Community

Q: Hi Jez – what made you want to try Coworking and would you recommend it to others? A: I love flexibility and freedom from being tied down to any structured routine, and collaborating with people. I’m finding that Cambridge Space fits perfectly with this working style. Along with working in coffee shops and in a corner of my house

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Say ‘hi’ to Damian, one of our Wizards

admin/ September 17, 2017/ Community

Q: Hi Damian – what made you want to try Coworking and would you recommend it to others? A: I saw coworking as a disruptor of my industry. I was introducing coworking operators to my corporate clients as a solution for flexible office space and finding that the operators could offer ‘one-stop-shop’ approach that would replace part of my consulting

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Congratulations, Beverley is off to Russia!

admin/ September 14, 2017/ Community

From Russia With Love, by Beverley Nolan It’s always been a desire of mine to be able to travel with my work and a few years ago I would never have thought this would include Russia. September saw me on my first of six trips to Moscow over the next nine months. I’ll be working as part of an educational

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What do customers really want from you?

admin/ September 8, 2017/ Business

When prospecting for new business, there are different conversations required to suit different situations so chatting during a network event is different from pitching an elevator speech in the proverbial elevator because your potential customers are different. Problems with elevator pitches The common problem with elevator pitches is that they often fall into a rhythm of what we do, our

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Say ‘hi’ to Gerry, one of our Wizards

admin/ September 4, 2017/ Community

Q: Hi Gerry – what made you want to try Coworking and would you recommend it to others? A: I saw co-working as a means to add more value to what I offer and help differentiate me from competing services in Cambridge and London. Definitely recommend coworking to others – particularly CambridgeSpace, which offers something different from more run-of-the-mill alternatives.

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What “The King and I” can tell us about relationship building

admin/ August 30, 2017/ Customer experience

“Getting to know you Getting to know all about you Getting to like you Getting to hope you like me…” Did you ever catch “The King and I”, a romantic musical starring Yul Brynner and Deborah Kerr, featuring the song “Getting to Know You”.  Written by Rogers and Hammerstein, it’s an enduring hit about the developing relationship between two unlikely,

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The importance of happy customers

admin/ August 24, 2017/ Business

It is often said that the most important sale as you start out is your second sale as it demonstrates the legitimacy for what you offer. It’s the beginning of a journey to win and keep customers because without them, you have no business. So, you’d think businesses would treat their customers with the greatest respect, like gold-dust. Unfortunately, history

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Finding your feet and your first customer

admin/ August 18, 2017/ Business

Your first customer is critical. They don’t just bring in your first revenues but legitimise you’re offering and prove there’s a market for what you do. How well you do in the future depends on how good is your start. I was once employed in a high-tech industry where there were only two providers, one of which had 98% of

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Say ‘hi’ to Berenice, our newest member

admin/ August 17, 2017/ Community

Q: Hi Berenice and welcome to CambridgeSpace – what made you want to try Coworking and would you recommend it to others? A: I am new in Cambridge and it seemed like the perfect timing to get a sneak peek of the co-working experience… I love it! So, yes, if given the chance… try it! It is always refreshing to be around people working in absolutely different things than you are and getting the chance to meet people you probably wouldn’t have

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