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Could you benefit from working in a creative, productive and fun atmosphere?

If you’re interested in co-working but want to come and see if it’s really for you, come along for a no-obligation free trial session.

We’ll show you around, you can sit at a desk and get some work done, meet other members, and sample the wi-fi, printing, coffee and friendly vibe. Following your free trial there’s no obligation to join us, but if you decide CambridgeSpace is for you, you can start off with a pay-as-you-go arrangement (£22 per day) or choose a package of anything from one day per week to full-time. Prices start at £60 per month. See our pricing page for all the benefits of joining and our full pricing and membership options.

Call us on 07494 038195 or message us to let us know when you’d like to come in for a tour or to book your free trial day.

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Come and join our rapidly-growing and inspiring community of social enterprises, freelance workers and small business owners and discover the benefits of co-working.

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FREE trial session
Please contact us to book a free trial session.