Creators Club Cambridge: Building relationships

cambridgespace100/ May 29, 2019/

Our events welcome new creators every month and regular members who attend all year long. Come and join us!

The theme of the Month: Building Relationships

At the heart of businesses are people – all with different personalities, desires, motivations, and skills. To succeed in collaborating, partnering, selling or marketing efforts, understanding people is so important. If people are truly getting what they want – everybody can win.

Our Creators Club Theme for June is Building Relationships. This month we will explore the hearts and minds of people, sharing ideas for connecting with people, brands and clients in more effective ways.

#Opportunities #Value #People #Trust #Listening #Winwin #Partners #Service #Collaborate #Connection #EQ

What happens?

In the first part, we start with a creative themed exercise, we mindfully connect with the focus of the month and we work together to help each other grow.

Refreshments provided

In the second half, we invite a guest creator to share their journey and share practical guidance on our chosen topic. We encourage collaboration and make things happen.

Who is it for?

People who are building something; creatives, business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, freelancers, innovators, vloggers, artists, writers – #creators.

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June 12


06:30 pm - 09:00 pm



CURUFC, Grange road

Cambridge, CB3 9BN

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