Car parking at CURUFC

CambridgeSpace now has two parking spaces in CURUFC’s car park, available on a first-come-first-served basis at very reasonable rates.

How to book

To check the availability and book a parking space (up to a maximum of seven days in advance), speak to any CambridgeSpace team member in person or call CambridgeSpace on 07494 038195
or email

Parking rates

Up to half a day: £2  Full day: £3  
Parking periods before or after 1.30pm will be charged at the half day rate. A period that straddles 1.30pm will be charged at the full day rate.

Making a payment

Visitors/Members can make a Cash Payment at the time of parking and you will be issued with a receipt.

Alternatively Members can have their parking added to your membership invoice for the following month – i.e your invoice for month x will cover parking for month x-1 and space membership for month x

Terms and conditions

  • The spaces are not allocated so you can park anywhere.*
  • No need to display anything in your car.*
  • All members will be limited to booking a maximum of two days per week (or four half days). This may change once we have assessed the demand for parking. The exception to this is for enquiries on the day of parking – if space is available, anyone can book it regardless of how much parking they’ve already had or booked in the week.
  • Please cancel your booking a minimum of one working day before if you no longer require a space (i.e. parking booked for Thursday must be cancelled by the end of Tuesday). You will still be billed for bookings cancelled less than one day before.
  • If you are unable to give the minimum cancellation notice you may give your space to another member for them to be billed, but please let us know if you do this. CambridgeSpace members can be contacted via the members WhatsApp group.

*This may be subject to change in the future, if so we will inform all members.