Would you recommend co-working to other freelancers? We asked our members.

cambridgespace100/ October 4, 2017/ Community

What made you want to try co-working and would you recommend it to others? Real-life members of CambridgeSpace speak out!

“It’s so much better atmosphere than a corporate office. So much more nurturing than being ordered around. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to install more work-life separation and for freelancers who want a bit of chat and company during the day. I find that somehow it’s more motivating to work when there is a company around, even if it’s “quiet company”. – Damian Mears

“I have a one-year-old who manages to leave a trail of destruction wherever he goes. So at home, I end up tidying up, putting the washing on and being guilt-tripped into taking the dog for a walk. I was looking for a dedicated workspace where none of that stuff nagged at me and I could mingle with other like-minded and no doubt cool folk!” – Laura Pepper

“I would always recommend co-working. I used Ideaspace before and not only is it great for getting you dressed and out of the house – you meet amazing people who can always bring a different perspective to your work.” – Matt Sulivan

“I love flexibility and freedom from being tied down to any structured routine, and collaborating with people. I’m finding that Cambridge Space fits perfectly with this working style. Along with working in coffee shops and in a corner of my house, it’s a great mix! Judging by my new friends here I don’t think I’m alone with that ethos?” – Jeremy Peters

“I am new in Cambridge and it seemed like the perfect timing to get a sneak peek of the co-working experience… I love it! So, yes, if given the chance… try it!” – Berenice Pardo Zolezzi

“I saw co-working as a means to add more value to what I offer and help differentiate me from competing services in Cambridge and London. Definitely recommend coworking to others – particularly CambridgeSpace, which offers something different from more run-of-the-mill alternatives.” – Gerry Westwood

How about you? Have you tried co-working and would you recommend it to others?

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