Say ‘hi’ to Gerry, one of our Wizards

admin/ September 4, 2017/ Community

Q: Hi Gerry – what made you want to try Coworking and would you recommend it to others?

A: I saw co-working as a means to add more value to what I offer and help differentiate me from competing services in Cambridge and London. Definitely recommend coworking to others – particularly CambridgeSpace, which offers something different from more run-of-the-mill alternatives.

Q: Tell us a little bit about what you’re up to…

A: I work with (mainly) tech companies improve the way they find and, most importantly retain customers in this fast moving, tech-challenging world, by helping them keep their eye on the ball, understand their customers’ experiences with them better, and build their brand value. Currently working with a FinTech organisation and a Chinese agency.

Q: How long have you been doing this, what did you do before and do you expect to be doing anything else in the future?

A: Since last year. Before that, I was Group Brand Manager at Cambridge Assessment.

Q: What is the most common issue you have to deal with and how do you solve it?

A: Lack of a unified, integrated marketing strategy mindset of a lot of clients I come across. Getting this right is a game changer.

Q: What practical book / blog post / podcast etc would you recommend?

A: Obviously, I lean towards marketing which is such a diverse universe that no one source suffices. I would recommend interested people subscribe for free online to EConsultancy, Marketing Professionals, and ClickZ for keeping in touch. SEWatch is also excellent.

Q: What is your daily mantra?

A: Onwards and Upwards (hopefully not like Icarus!).

Q: What productivity hack would you recommend?

A: I don’t think I can.

Q: What music do you listen to when you work?

A: Foals, Royal Blood, Strokes, Bowie, Pearl Jam, Amy Winehouse, Marvin Gaye, Hendrix, Eminem, Editors, Rufus Wainwright, British Sea Power, LA Witch, REM, PJ Harvey, ……..

Q: Who inspires you and why?

A: People who overcome adversity, prejudice and still keep going. As Churchill said, “the definition of success is going from one failure to another, without any loss of enthusiasm”.

Q: Where are you taking your next holiday and what do you plan to do?

A: I’m off to Romania to tour Transylvania. It’s supposed to be beautiful, unspoilt with real bears and wolves, and wonderfully cheap. Something to get our teeth into.

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