New Creators Club event launches at CambridgeSpace

cambridgespace100/ April 15, 2019/ Business, Community

Do you always finish what you start?

The first Creators Club event launched at Cambridge Space this month and was a big hit with everyone who came along. This regular event is centred on a different theme each month and we kicked off last week with ‘starting and finishing.’ The event combines informal networking, facilitated exercises to discover more about yourself and connect with others, and a formal presentation from an expert sharing inspiring or practical tips.

Who or what is holding you back?

The event started with a quick intention-setting meditation to fully arrive and then Sarah from Creators’ Club explained the CC mission; to support and create a network of creative people—business owners, entrepreneurs, leaders, freelancers, innovators, vloggers, artists, writers—anyone who’s creating something.

After an ice-breaker exercise we moved on to brainstorming what’s holding us back from starting/ progressing/finishing projects or going after our dreams. We all had a 1-2-1 conversation with someone else about this and many of us reached the conclusion that it’s often ourselves holding us back.

Tips for success and for starting/finishing that project

Our guest speaker Andy Dunn is a Learning and Development specialist for Creators and Leaders, an innovation coach and the founder of Creators Club and he gave us these great tips:

  1. Set realistic expectations—think about how long something is really going to take and balance that with your striving for perfection
  2. Lean into your strengths and don’t be afraid to ask for help
  3. If you’re obsessed with achieving 10/10 perfection, ask yourself ‘what score would I be happy with?’ For Andy it’s 9.3 but you need to set your own score  
  4. Striving for perfection can hold us back from starting or finishing something—a blog post, book, product or service. Putting something out into the world, even one sentence of a blog post, can help you to have a breakthrough.
  5. Practice what you do and perfect it by all means, but learn to launch it into the world and let it go
  6. Follow your own moral compass—if you give good energy into the universe, for example by volunteering, then the universe will give back to you in different ways

The importance of community

Andy’s story is a reflection on what we can all become. His message was that it’s easy to get lost in material things because we think that money and other such things will give us satisfaction. Andy set up Creators Club to share and help others, which brings him far more satisfaction than anything else.This is also the case for his team and other members of Creators Club.

There are tons of groups out there which allow people to network and sell their skills and businesses. But this is one of the first we’ve come across with the message of caring as its backbone. For us at Cambridge Space, Creators Club’s message was one that chimes very clearly with us. Andy and the team emphasised the importance of community and the vital role it plays in the development and wellbeing of any individual.

Join us for the next Creators Club event

The next Creators Club event is on Wednesday 8 May and is all about Authentic Confidence. Great communication is at the heart of everything we do but for many of us creative souls the act of putting ourselves (or our work) out into the world can be daunting, awkward and uncomfortable. The Creators Club team will share techniques that you can apply in lots of situations whether you’re communicating in person, in networking scenarios or on stage.

Book your place if you’d like to join us!


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