Keeping Those Good Vibes Going

cambridgespace100/ March 29, 2018/ Community

Back in the dark ages, 1967 in fact, the American rock band Love, released their eponymous album “Forever changes” (as in Love Forever Changes) regarded by many as one of the greatest albums ever produced.

And as with this album, everything we create, no matter how good or bad, will change over time. Whether it was Love then, or as a start-up or something that has been running for some time, situations and people change, and to succeed we have to adapt if we want to keep those positive vibes going.

That all sounds very organised but keeping the vibe going is both a personal and a collective challenge.

In terms of the collective challenge, CambridgeSpace is a great example in how it meets this head-on. If you don’t know CambridgeSpace, they are a co-working group, formed in mid-2016 in Chesterton, and they have steadily grown in numbers to become a wonderful working community, somewhere away from the home where sharp minds and collaborative practices are strongly in evidence.

What marks CambridgeSpace out is the constant energy and friendliness, displayed by the team and its members, running workshops and brain-walks, managing events such as cake-o’clock (very popular) all advertised as a leading presence on social media. Oh, I almost forgot, for those determined to work late – there is a bar! And let’s not also forget, the excellent Shedbulance turns up twice a week supplying really tasty lunchtime food.

CambridgeSpaces’s new location on Grange Road, within the Cambridge University Rugby Union Football Club building, is a hive of activity where members, plus those just visiting for a trial day, can work “heads down” without interruption or spread out to work collaboratively, swapping ideas and experiences that hugely benefits the quality of the work they produce.

And that is key. When you’re feeling good in your working environment, alongside good people, then your working experience is far more rewarding on a personal level. Put all the CambridgeSpace’s community experiences together and you can easily see how they keep their vibe going.

At CambridgeSpace, you’re not there just occupying a space, but you’re a part of working community of people – just like you.

If you’d like to find out more about a free trial day, you can call CambridgeSpace on 07494 038195 or browse the website here.

Go on, give it a try!

Gerry Westwood.

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