From Vienna to Cambridge. A journey to co-working!

cambridgespace100/ October 4, 2017/ Community

One of our newest members, Greg Boyle, shared his first impressions on coworking at CambridgeSpace.

‘It’s been less than 24hrs since I’ve moved to Cambridge and also moved into this coworking space, but I felt it would be worth writing this for my first impressions.

As a freelancer starting out a few years ago, I was reluctant to spend on a coworking space, preferring instead to work from home or in a cafe. However, sharing time and experiences with other freelancers is what you come to appreciate as being the core value of a coworking space.

The other freelancers I’ve met at CambridgeSpace so far have been really friendly, and despite being tired from moving countries yesterday, their influence has energised me.

I can see this working out really well, and signed up for a month immediately.

I’m excited about the people I’ll meet here and things I’ll learn from them about this new city I’ve moved to.’

Have you ever tried co-working in other parts of the world? Let us know about your experience on Twitter at @CambridgeSpace.

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