Congratulations, Beverley is off to Russia!

admin/ September 14, 2017/ Community

From Russia With Love, by Beverley Nolan

It’s always been a desire of mine to be able to travel with my work and a few years ago I would never have thought this would include Russia. September saw me on my first of six trips to Moscow over the next nine months. I’ll be working as part of an educational team delivering a three year long diploma in movement as a therapeutic modality.

Our student cohort is an eclectic group of more than twenty professionals from the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, performance arts, and yoga. This is my second time teaching on the programme and although I work with a brilliant translator it felt important this time to begin to learn Russian and Cyrillic script so I am in the infant stages of learning a new alphabet and sounds. Happily, my first clumsy attempts at trying out my language skills were received with a lot of encouragement and appreciation.

I feel I have a unique opportunity to get to know a culture through being with a group of like-minded individuals sharing our work together. This teaching opportunity has also enabled me to showcase my skills and has lead to other invitations to teach. I’m excited to also be visiting St Petersburg later this year as well.

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