New Creators Club event launches at CambridgeSpace

cambridgespace100/ April 15, 2019/ Business, Community

Do you always finish what you start? The first Creators Club event launched at Cambridge Space this month and was a big hit with everyone who came along. This regular event is centred on a different theme each month and we kicked off last week with ‘starting and finishing.’ The event combines informal networking, facilitated exercises to discover more about

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Energise your culture

cambridgespace100/ February 8, 2019/ wellbeing

It’s been almost a week since the Energise Your Culture event but I’m still thinking about it. The event had a very engaged audience and a great panel of experts. After experiencing the stress and long working hours of the advertising industry, Kemi Fadero left to retrain as a wellbeing coach for individuals who want to take control of their

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Come and join our community

cambridgespace100/ July 13, 2018/ Business, Community

A community is a group of people with diverse characteristics who are linked by social ties, share common perspectives, and engage in joint action in geographical locations or settings. Cambridge boasts many such communities which come in all shapes and sizes, and over a hundred appear on the MeetUp website, where they can advertise and schedule events using a common

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Productivity hacks: Top tips for coworkers!

cambridgespace100/ July 9, 2018/ Business

Technology It’s important to remember to take breaks. Science shows breaks actually make us more productive, not less. If you’re on a Mac, Time Out–Break Reminders is an excellent app that lets you schedule “normal” five- to 10-minute breaks every hour and a seconds-long “micro” break every 15 minutes. PC and Linux users can get the same capabilities from the excellent freeware Workrave.

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If a team can’t be fed with two pizzas, it’s too big!

cambridgespace100/ May 23, 2018/ Business

Amazon boss, Jeff Bezos, in describing his abhorrence towards Group Think (where the fear of conflict drives consensus which stifles individual initiative and creativeness) suggests his measure for determining the ideal size for a team that will get things done – just two pizzas! One of the benefits of co-working communities (and one often overlooked) is that by their very

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Can entrepreneurs go it alone? No and yes!

cambridgespace100/ April 30, 2018/ Business, Community

By Damian Mears I had the pleasure of hosting an enlightening panel discussion in our coworking space last week. It was encouraging that over 50 people attended, especially on a unseasonably hot day. On the panel of esteemed Cambridge-based entrepreneurs were Jo Kruczynska, Ed Goodman, Anne Beamish and our very own John Monks. As I probed away, exploring the start

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CambridgeSpace has Landed!

cambridgespace100/ February 12, 2018/ Business, Community

An heroic effort by CambridgeSpace members over an extended weekend has enabled all the equipment, office furniture – and sense of community – being relocated to a new home. Hundred Houses have been greatly accommodating hosts since we opened in October 2016, but due to their own expansion, they needed their space back. CambridgeSpace membership has also grown and so

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What Organisations can learn from Co-working spaces

cambridgespace100/ November 21, 2017/ Business

For some time, large companies have realised the connection between the flow of new ideas and innovations, and the essential drive to remaining competitive. In a form of reverse engineering, they have also come to realise that better ideas may exist outside their own organisations and have started paying attention to local co-working communities, comprising entrepreneurs, start-ups, and independent professionals,

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10 reasons you should try co-working | part 1

Lenka Koppová/ October 4, 2017/ Business

It’s set up for work It’s more productive than home as you avoid the distractions of home life or coffee shop as you don’t have to put up with noisy children, lack of security if you need the loo or feeling you have to keep buying something Great interactions Working amongst like-minded people who also value great interactions ensures you

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What do customers really want from you?

cambridgespace100/ September 8, 2017/ Business

When prospecting for new business, there are different conversations required to suit different situations so chatting during a network event is different from pitching an elevator speech in the proverbial elevator because your potential customers are different. Problems with elevator pitches The common problem with elevator pitches is that they often fall into a rhythm of what we do, our

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