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cambridgespace100/ February 8, 2019/ wellbeing

It’s been almost a week since the Energise Your Culture event but I’m still thinking about it. The event had a very engaged audience and a great panel of experts.

After experiencing the stress and long working hours of the advertising industry, Kemi Fadero left to retrain as a wellbeing coach for individuals who want to take control of their health. She emphasised how important organisations must tailor wellbeing to each individual for it to have the greatest effect.

Lizzie Benton advises businesses on wellbeing and culture and spoke about the idea that wellbeing must come from cultural change that in turn needs support from the leadership team to be effective.

Karen Williams has lots of experience as an HR advisor on flexible working and gave us some great examples of how leaders of organisations can get it wrong by not listening to the people.

Lee Carnivan, the marketing lead for a digital video production company, explained how measuring effectiveness can dilute the power of wellbeing efforts, and told us that when his company introduced the six-hour working day it just felt right.

The audience, who were a mix of freelancers and small business owners, offered their own very useful insights and asked some great questions. A key highlight was the CEO of a local tech call centre who tried offering his staff a shift with three days off but found he wouldn’t see them for a long time if he was travelling or they went on holiday – the best advice was to keep trialling alternatives or use technology to keep in touch. An owner of a device that enabled users to ‘sit whilst standing’ made us all contemplate the fact that we sit for around 14 hours per day while working, commuting, eating and relaxing at home; we all agreed that was shocking and more needed to be done to make sure we’re constantly active throughout the day.

It’s always a sign of a great event when people chat excitedly afterwards about the content and send you thank you notes for what great insights they received. We look forward to the next wellbeing event!

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