Productivity hacks: Top tips for coworkers!

cambridgespace100/ July 9, 2018/ Business


It’s important to remember to take breaks. Science shows breaks actually make us more productive, not less. If you’re on a Mac, Time Out–Break Reminders is an excellent app that lets you schedule “normal” five- to 10-minute breaks every hour and a seconds-long “micro” break every 15 minutes. PC and Linux users can get the same capabilities from the excellent freeware Workrave.


Commit a Random Act of Kindness in the First Hour of Your Day. It is amazing how good helping others can make you feel. As we have seen above, the simple act of feeling happy can help your productivity. There is plenty of research to show that being kind to people makes you happier over time. Doing nice things for people improves your moods, increases your relationship satisfaction and decreases social avoidance if you are socially anxious. It even produces a hormone called oxytocin which reduces blood pressure. Getting this jolt of positive energy in the first hour or two of your day will set you up for a mentally powerful day.

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