Our space

Create, Connect, Collaborate

In February CambridgeSpace moved to new premises at Cambridge University Rugby and Football Club on Grange Road, Cambridge.

We have access to three rooms at the Rugby club which we have divided into three main working areas depending on the type of work you need to do.

We don’t have rules, but there is a basic etiquette for each zone. The two zones are:

1)The Create zone – A space for chat and short calls(soft) – like there’s a serial killer in here, but they haven’t found you yet and you’re calling the police. For more vigorous conversations and to eat anything more than a light snack (no noisy food) we have our Connect zone or Collaborate zone.

2) The Connect zone – This is the place for eating, chat and calls – for members that want to be really noisy, we have the Collaborate zone. For members that want to concentrate in a more tranquil area, they can use the Create zone.

If you would like a tour of the space or try working for a day(for Free) please Contact us