Join our team

Do you want to be a Wizard?

The CambridgeSpace owners are supported by a small team of volunteers. We call our volunteers Wizards – they have magical powers to make it easy for members to create, connect and collaborate.

You’ll love being a Wizard if you are self-employed, looking to start your own business, or you have a part time job that is flexible and can spare a minimum of 4-8 hours a week.

Use your skills to:

  • Make all members feel welcome
  • Help maintain the three zones (Create, Connect, Collaborate) for their intended purpose
  • Proactively communicate with members and visitors
  • Passionately promote CambridgeSpace and help recruit more members
  • Organise community and professional
    development events, workshops and skills clinics
  • Be part of the team making sure CambridgeSpace runs smoothly

You benefit from:

  • Full time free access to CambridgeSpace for your own work.
  • Work with a fab team of volunteers
  • Create, connect and collaborate with others who run their own businesses
  • Expand your professional network and promote your business
  • Free attendance at our community and professional development events

Do you fancy working with us? Get in touch now: 

Call Tim on 07453 730604