Coronavirus Update

cambridgespace100/ March 23, 2020/ Uncategorized

With growing fears over coronavirus it can be hard to know what to do at the moment, the country seems torn between “keeping calm and carrying on” and hiding away with a year’s supply of loo roll and soap. At CambridgeSpace we have our member wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. To help contain the virus we have

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Have you been asked to work from home?

cambridgespace100/ March 3, 2020/ Community, Uncategorized

There are all sorts of reasons why you could be asked to stay at home, from office refurbishment to train strikes. Whatever the reason, few people are sorry to miss a long commute! The problem is, if you don’t usually work from home then you won’t be set up for it. It’s easy to find yourself hunched on your bed,

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4 things you might miss when you go self employed

cambridgespace100/ February 28, 2020/ Uncategorized

1. Payday – there’s something very reassuring about a guaranteed regular income. You might have the capacity to earn much more by yourself but it’s all a bit uncertain, especially at first. 2. IT support – and the accounts department, sales team, admin team… the list goes on. Now it’s all up to you, so what will you do if

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What we Learned at Creators Club about Building Relationships

cambridgespace100/ June 26, 2019/ CreatorsClub, Relationships

A few minutes of mindfulness go a long way As at every Creators Club event, this month’s session on Building Relationships started by spending a few minutes practising mindfulness and intention-setting. This is a great tip for attending or running any event – just pausing for a moment and making sure that you’re fully present will help you get the

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What we learnt about Authentic Confidence

cambridgespace100/ May 29, 2019/ Uncategorized

Our May edition of Creators Club was themed on Authentic Confidence, another inspiring at CambridgeSpace! We welcomed back returning creators and welcomed new faces into our open community. Here is a quick summary of what we created together. We started as always with a grounding mediation to help us mindfully connect with the space and each other. Pressing the pause

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Becca Thomas finishes the Great Manchester Run to raise money for APF

cambridgespace100/ May 29, 2019/ Community, Uncategorized

No longer a rare disease I’m Digital Specialist for Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis, a charity that supports anyone affected by the disease. Pulmonary fibrosis means scarring of the lungs. Once diagnosed, the prognosis is just 3-5 years. With sixteen people a day being told they have a form of pulmonary fibrosis, it’s no longer a rare disease in the UK

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Yoga at CambridgeSpace

cambridgespace100/ May 1, 2019/ wellbeing

Lots of companies offer office yoga to their employees but these are the kind of benefits you can miss out on when you’re a freelancer. At our coworking space we’re always trying to find ways to enhance the working day for our members, whether that’s creating opportunities to network and socialise or getting together to do a few sun salutations.

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New Creators Club event launches at CambridgeSpace

cambridgespace100/ April 15, 2019/ Business, Community

Do you always finish what you start? The first Creators Club event launched at Cambridge Space this month and was a big hit with everyone who came along. This regular event is centred on a different theme each month and we kicked off last week with ‘starting and finishing.’ The event combines informal networking, facilitated exercises to discover more about

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How to be a parent and an entrepreneur (without losing your mind)

cambridgespace100/ March 21, 2019/ Uncategorized

The panel for our latest event included Jamie Dixon, a software developer and co-owner/director of Trade Initiative, and Emma Sheppard, owner of Big Bear Creative Studios. Jamie is a father to a one-year-old and it was great to hear his views on how being a parent has helped his work life balance. Jamie told us that while his previous job

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Launch Event for Creators Club Cambridge

cambridgespace100/ March 17, 2019/ Uncategorized

After 50+ events in London, Birmingham and Bristol, we are here and launching in Cambridge. Join us every month for a unique creative business development event! Each month we have a Development Theme for our UK Creators Club community. At the monthly events we facilitate an interactive workshop, provide a space for personal coaching and invite a guest creator to

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